Link, Hero of Time (sevenyearsgone) wrote,
Link, Hero of Time

#12 [written]

Ruto and I are leaving the lake house and moving closer to the village until this is over. Don't go there looking for us.

Also, I'm volunteering to help with whatever I can, as soon as we're situated.

[Filtered to Rikku, Duo and Hijiri]

Um... my name is Link. I think I've only met Duo, but... well, you three are the ones taking care of Sheik right now, right?

He and I are from the same world, and he's my comrade. Will he be safe where he is, still blind? I'm not trying to suggest it's dangerous there, I'm only asking for his safety's sake. If you need my help, I don't mind giving it at all.

[Filtered to WW!Link]

Deku, you okay? Um, I have a request.

[Voice // Filtered to Sheik]

Ruto and I are moving in towards the village.
Tags: danger, hero of time, it's dangerous to go alone
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