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Apr. 14th, 2015

Riding Epona

How's My Driving?

Yes, it's time for...

~How's My Driving?~

So, how am I doing? Have a concern? Some constructive crit? Praise and love? Well go right ahead! IP logging is off, and screening/anonymous is on!

Sep. 6th, 2009


#13 [written]

Now that Ruto's disappeared - or, gone back, as I'm told... the lakehouse is so empty.

It's really gloomy. I'm happy she's home, but I miss her... [Sigh.]

I think I want to move in closer to town. If it isn't a terrible inconvenience, could anyone lend me a hand with that? Like, if there's an empty room in your apartment, or you know someone looking for help around their house, or that sort of thing.

Sheik - what do you think? Deku?

Aug. 24th, 2009


#12 [written]

Ruto and I are leaving the lake house and moving closer to the village until this is over. Don't go there looking for us.

Also, I'm volunteering to help with whatever I can, as soon as we're situated.

[Filtered to Rikku, Duo and Hijiri]

Um... my name is Link. I think I've only met Duo, but... well, you three are the ones taking care of Sheik right now, right?

He and I are from the same world, and he's my comrade. Will he be safe where he is, still blind? I'm not trying to suggest it's dangerous there, I'm only asking for his safety's sake. If you need my help, I don't mind giving it at all.

[Filtered to WW!Link]

Deku, you okay? Um, I have a request.

[Voice // Filtered to Sheik]

Ruto and I are moving in towards the village.

Aug. 14th, 2009


#11 [Written]

When I was little, I lived in the forest with the Kokiri. They're the ageless children of the Great Deku Tree, the guardian of the forest. He saved me when I was a baby and raised me like his own. It wasn't until relatively recently that I came to know I wasn't actually a Kokiri.

But when I think about living with my own kind... it's kind of scary. I don't really understand them. They don't do things the way Kokiri do. Outside the forest, people seem to see nature and each other as things to take advantage of... not as living, breathing beings who deserve respect.

It makes me wonder. Am I a Hylian or a Kokiri? I don't feel like either.

[Locked to little!Link]

Hey... I wanted to say sorry, in case I was rude the other day. I guess you could say I didn't really expect a lot of the stuff we talked about, ehehe.

Are you busy?

Aug. 8th, 2009


#10 [Audio]

Excuse me for making a long voice entry, everyone... I still can't use my left hand yet. Um, I guess you could say this is an announcement that I'm back, too.

Thanks, everyone, who came to visit me. I'm grateful, I am. I'll be going back to the lakehouse pretty soon, though, so if you want to visit me me you should go there.

Did I miss anything? Not to mention... what's going on? Are they doing another experiment?

[Added, a few minutes later:]

...Sheik? Are you there?

Aug. 3rd, 2009


#9 [Action]

[Anyone walking over the bridge that passes across the river next to the clinic might notice what looks like a body lying motionlessly on the muddy bank. Whoever it is, they're covered in mud, and it looks like their left hand is seriously injured, as blood has clouded the water around it a dark red.

Upon any further investigation, a would-be rescuer would find that this person isn't dead, but his breathing is very shallow. Won't someone help this person up and to the clinic?]

((ooc: open to anyone interested! Link's been gone a long time and he wasn't around for too long before I had to hiatus, so I'm thinking most people would find him and think he's sort of a mystery person... xD;;; orz))

Jun. 12th, 2009


#8 [Voice]

Ruto! Sheik! S-Stay out of the house!

[There's a crash, as something large and heavy is turned over. The sound of the back door opening, and then - the entry stops.

The scene inside the lakehouse, when it is found, is a messy one. The overturned object was the table in the kitchen, and the floor is now littered with broken glass and water. Footprints make it to the door and outside, and then stop suddenly. Link's sheild and the Master Sword are leaned up against the side of the house a few feet from the door. Apparently, he didn't make it to them.]

Jun. 2nd, 2009


#7 [Action+Written]

[Link's handwriting is a little shakey, and he writes slowly. Thanks to the sickness he has to squint and try very hard to focus on the journal.]

I'm sick, Ruto is sick too... but at least it's all over, now. I wish I could have done more, helped more. I'm sorry.

It looks like rain tomorrow. Sheik is running around the lake house here, trying to take care of us all... I feel really bad for him. [He smiles sheepishly in the journal window.]

...Is everyone alright?

May. 25th, 2009

Haha! Yeah!

#6 [Action+Voice]

[Link is sitting on top of the roof of Seventh Heaven, playing his Ocarina happily. His wings are nice and big and pale green, now, and he's swinging his legs, perhaps a bit recklessly.

Sitting open next to him is his journal, broadcasting the cheerful tune.

He's feeling uncharacteristically talkative and cheerful... :D]

May. 12th, 2009


#5 [Written]

Sheik... can I talk to you, please?

And, how are you doing, Ruto?

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