Link, Hero of Time (sevenyearsgone) wrote,
Link, Hero of Time

#11 [Written]

When I was little, I lived in the forest with the Kokiri. They're the ageless children of the Great Deku Tree, the guardian of the forest. He saved me when I was a baby and raised me like his own. It wasn't until relatively recently that I came to know I wasn't actually a Kokiri.

But when I think about living with my own kind... it's kind of scary. I don't really understand them. They don't do things the way Kokiri do. Outside the forest, people seem to see nature and each other as things to take advantage of... not as living, breathing beings who deserve respect.

It makes me wonder. Am I a Hylian or a Kokiri? I don't feel like either.

[Locked to little!Link]

Hey... I wanted to say sorry, in case I was rude the other day. I guess you could say I didn't really expect a lot of the stuff we talked about, ehehe.

Are you busy?
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