Link, Hero of Time (sevenyearsgone) wrote,
Link, Hero of Time

#9 [Action]

[Anyone walking over the bridge that passes across the river next to the clinic might notice what looks like a body lying motionlessly on the muddy bank. Whoever it is, they're covered in mud, and it looks like their left hand is seriously injured, as blood has clouded the water around it a dark red.

Upon any further investigation, a would-be rescuer would find that this person isn't dead, but his breathing is very shallow. Won't someone help this person up and to the clinic?]

((ooc: open to anyone interested! Link's been gone a long time and he wasn't around for too long before I had to hiatus, so I'm thinking most people would find him and think he's sort of a mystery person... xD;;; orz))
Tags: :[, action, help, return from kidnapping
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